Thursday, September 15, 2005


I am a busy mom of two. I love being a mom. I am also a painter. I love painting, too. I love the feel of paint, the smell of it, the way it flows from the brush, the way colors mix, etc. I also am a designer so I use the computer quite often to edit hand drawn or painted images. My conflict is that I have so little time for creativity while I try to take care of my family. I try to get to my "space" as often as possible and use my creative energy for gifts for people (maybe that's a mistake) and decorating our home. I came across a website that I thought was so incredibly cool, I had to take part. I will be creating art with the word "depth" in mind. Let's see what I can come up with.


  1. Welcome to Illustration Friday - it's great fun. I'm similar to you - a Mum, a designer and no time. But it's worth carving out those few moments for you. I love this idea - it really strikes a chord, a really original solution

  2. Thanks Julie... it's good to know there are other creative sorts who are moms. Time time time -- wish we had more!!



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