Monday, January 11, 2010

Follow Your Heart

11 x 14 on paper

I continue on this journey.  I have some tweaking to do on this one but wanted to post something today.  This was on heavy Fabriano paper (LOVE this paper!)  LOTS of texture makes drybrushing many layers a snap.  I am still "learning" the process that works best and because I can't seem to paint every day, I sometimes have to "re-learn" from mistakes.  I can hear my own words, "Oh, yeah...don't put heavy outlines first -- that makes things muddy."  Or, "ok, be free and loose -- don't overthink the shapes.  WHIMSY, WHIMSY."  Anyway, I hope to make these into cards just in time for Valentine's Day.  Maybe I'll do a few more (sketches are ready for that) and have sets made.  Can't decide if I should have the words "follow your heart" ON the painting.  I'm toying with that idea. 
Happy creating!  ~smiles!~



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