Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Don't Follow the Yellow Brick Road

This came from one of my sketches when I was so into drawing all of these bizarre faces. I think I was drawing most freely and consistently during that time (November?) To get my "head" back into it, I dove back into my sketchbook and found something to paint. This is an 8x10 piece of 300 lb Fabriano watercolor paper...I've strictly used quality paint on this one and I think it makes a difference. The better paint covers more with fewer coats and also stays wet a little longer. Plus, you cannot believe the strength of the colors...pure pigment! I don't think I need to use 300 lb. paper so next I'll be buying 140 lb. I did do a random, layered, textured background first. I think I need to start with darker backgrounds...it's working better for me. My new obsession is watercolor pencils...wetting them in some places, blending with paint in some places and letting them be in other places. I've had these for a long, long time but it's so fun to pull out supplies that you either haven't used in a while or have simply forgotten about. I needed to shake things up a bit. My family still thinks these are "weird"...I just can't stop painting them!


  1. Your family may think they're weird but I think they're fantastic!! I love the quirky characters you paint.

  2. That makes me feel good, Janet! Thanks for the smile!

  3. As long as it feels good to you is all that matters. I don't do a lot of detail in my work and am always being told by family members that I need more detail.

    I do what feels right to me

    : )

  4. thanks Lisa! you are right...sometimes my BEST paintings are when it's been strictly for me.

  5. This is one of my favorites of yours! She's lovely!



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