Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More Floral Exploring...say that 5 times fast!

These are small (5x7) and it seems that's all I can get done these days.  I worked on them at the same time so even though the colors may not look like it in these eh photos, they do tie together nicely. 

I've been thinking of all the things I do to be more efficient with my art.  I have only bits of time so I try to have all of my supplies ready.  It does help...when I remember to do that!! 

 One thing I like lately is my new water "system"...I have tons of see through plastic organizers (the kind you might put shoes in to stack in your closet).  I'm using one for my water bin!  It has a lid so my son doesn't turn it over (or the cat for that matter).  I love it because I can see the top of my water and I don't get the handles of my brushes all wet.  I read somewhere that you should use shallow water and replace it often.  Well, I don't know about replacing it often but I am liking the shallow thing.  I don't have as many "oops" with water dripping down my brush because I didn't dry it off enough.  It's a small thing but I thought it was cool.  Having a lid is great for my able-bodied-toddler situation, too.

Hope you are creating something wonderful...on a canvas, piece of paper, in a flowerbed,  in a baking dish, in a journal, or wherever.  Happy Spring!  Yay!!


  1. oh I'm loving these, especially the first one!!

  2. I LOVE, LOVE these flowers, Megan!-- and I remember the toddler days--you barely have time to take a shower. But you're right, being more organized makes a big difference. My art room is so tidy now, and I'm vowing to keep it that way--when I'm working on something, everything is right there on hand where it should be, and I just keep working without stopping to search for something.

  3. wow...such beautiful, colorful them



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