Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Still had some more dogs in mind.  Just haven't had much time to paint.  Plus, I've been doing Mary Ann Moss's Remains of the Day Journal class (  which is very time consuming and SLOW for me.  While it is VERY cool, I think I will only do one journal.  My studio is small and I cannot store tons of paper (beyond what I already have leftover from scrapbooking days). 

I found (I shouldn't say found because she's been around for a while and is very prolific) an artist whose work I totally am in love with and her name is Jennifer Mercede.  A couple of her pieces can be found in the Land of Nod catalog.  Her work is very FUN to look at and has childlike qualities without being childish.  It's very charming and I would love to have one of her pieces.

Another artist I'm eyeing lately is Dan Casado.  I found him through a friend and I always look for his work to post on his Flickr site (  His work is amazing and very fresh.  I love how he leaves a lot of his background collage work showing through.  I need to do more of that since I really do put a lot of effort into my backgrounds.  I end up covering most of my layers with more solid color and I'm trying to refrain!  It's hard to know when to stop, you know? 

Well, I hope all of you are having a very artful morning and if not, MAKE IT SO!!



  1. Hi Megan, first please tell Abby her doll is wonderful!!! I love her striped legs!!!!

    I am glad you did another dog, I really like them. I took a look at the artists you mentioned. I do like the backgrounds showing through, but your backgrounds, though don't show much of the underneath layers are always so yummy and have so much texture to them.

    It's fun to look at other artists and get ideas to try isn't it.

    I working on a painting and am kind of stuck, I love the background, but I'm not sure what to do next.


  2. Thanks Mary! I wish sometimes I could keep all of my backgrounds!! Maybe i should scan them before going onto other steps!!

  3. The dog is so cool....and I like your backgrounds just the way they are. Thanks for the links to the two other artists. I took a quick peek and liked what I saw on both their sites.

  4. Hi Megan, thanks for visiting my blog :-)
    Wow, your art is amazing. So vibrant and colourful.
    The 'project' I am doing on my blog is an art calendar challenge which I set up back in January - to complete a diary or calendar for a year. There are a lot of us doing it - some have left along the way others have joined. Fancy joining in?!

  5. Have you sold this painting yet? If not, I would love to buy it. Let me know where to go to purchase one of your paintings.

  6. I absolutely love the dog! He (she?) is how I feel some days. Your whole style is brilliant. I'm definitely drawn to your less realistic pieces. Great energy. Great colour. Great off-the-wall wonkiness. I'm enjoying myself poking around your site.



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