Sunday, June 27, 2010

"Make A Wish"

 Summer months are busy for us.  My husband and I have birthdays 5 days apart in June.  We have my mother-in-law, 3 nieces, 2 nephews, my brother, and my brother-in-law's birthdays in the summer.  If you add in our anniversary, my parents' anniversary and Father's Day, we've got a lot of special occasions all within 3 months.  It's NUTS!!  With all of these special things going on, I guess I had candles and cake on my brain.

    I'm always thinking of new things or new ways to re-invent these characters.  I try to stay with my core elements -- the things I love like brilliant color, lots of textural layers, blending and shading, and a childlike quality in the overall feel.  I try not to overthink the outlining and I do it quickly the way a child would.  I'm still having such a great time creating these "people".  I may do more dogs (I have several sketches that I haven't used yet and some new ones I just finished) but I still love doing faces.  Kids appeal to me because they have such a wonderful way of looking at the world.  My own kids inspire me daily (hourly!!) and they never cease to amaze me with their simple yet profound thoughts on so many subjects. 

So, enjoy this little piece...especially if it's your birthday!!  And even if it's not your birthday, you can make a wish just the same.  Maybe it will come true!!!

Smiles as always!


  1. megan, you rock. i LOVE this painting. it makes me want to play with my favorite symbols, colors, and shapes, and when the boys are in bed, i think i will!

  2. i enjoy your paintings, colorful and fun...

  3. Love this painting! As for celebrations, your summer sounds like my autumn/early winter. That's when most of our family birthdays and such occur. You know, right in the midst of those lesser known holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!! It gets crazy!

  4. wow megan ! absolutely beautiful blog! wow! great look! its perfect! very original . and your latest piece is killer! the texture, the colors. very impressive! oh and one more thing, your new picture.... very nice. its looks like you have a new do! you are really movin' toward your level of excellence! i'm blown away.... its beautiful, all of it.

  5. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Hi Megan,
    What a nice blog you have here.. and I truly am enjoying your art work.. it brings a smile to my face!
    I see you are in All Norahs art.. so am I!
    Are you taking Kelly Rae's course?
    I found you on my blog on the blog hopping site.
    This is truly so much fun!
    Hugs, Darlene

  6. oh Megan this is perfect!!

    Happy belated birthday!!!
    What day was yours???
    Mine was the 27th!! :)

  7. This painting is fabulous! You have such a way with texture and color, and I just love your people/kids you draw and the dogs too. so so cute!

  8. I love your paintings and I never turn down the chance to make a "WISH"!

  9. Hello Megan! I just now had a chance to visit your blog and WOW! I love love love your paintings and the colors you use make me smile! Hugs!


  10. A really great painting! I think that best paintings work when they are close to your heart or have deep meaning.

  11. i sure do miss you miss megan! but i hope you're having lots of summer fun! and maybe you're getting some new work done too!



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