Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Halloween fun

This is the second year in a row we've hosted a Halloween party for our girls and some of their friends.  This year, we did a craft that was a take on Alisa Burke's post on her recycled toilet paper roll monsters (see  I thought this would be something 2nd and 5th graders could do but was worried about drying time for the paint.  So I improvised.  I let them use duct tape!  It was immediate color satisfaction since it was simply peel and stick.  They had trouble at first ripping the tape but once they got the hang of it, they went nuts with their ideas.  Here are the results of our fun:

Other photos for you to enjoy:

Homemade costume...we bought the hat, wig and tights (already had the shoes) but all else was made.  She designed and directed me in the bossy that girl!

a giant oreo!

mini Michael Jackson!

My woodland fairy princess...shoving chocolate in her face.

I did the do...pretty good, eh?  I'm not much of a hair stylist but I was quite proud of this one!

I know this post comes late as far as Halloween goes...but my hubby and I went on a trip the day after so I hadn't gotten a chance to post yet.  I have more to post from the trip and some venting about moving to do but I'll save that for next time :)


  1. Great idea using duct tape - need to remember this for Sean when he gets a bit older.

    love the costumes, and you did a great job on the hair!!

  2. Great costumes and art project!

  3. There were some great costumes at your party. Love your daughters, she's an updated Raggity Anne.

    Cool monsters!



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