Thursday, March 03, 2011

work in progress

Working only sporadically but love to play with new ideas and materials or techniques.  Still loving the faces, textures, shapes and color.  This time, I tore paper and traced the unique shape for lips, nose, and eyebrows.  I then attached the papers with gel medium.  I'm still working on this and I fight myself to leave more of the background showing.  I love to blend colors though so it's tough.  I also love to use a great deal of scrumbling and my brushes are taking a beating!  My favorite thing to do though is to go into some areas with my watercolor pencils to add more dimension.  I will take a color that is a shade darker and accent edges, blending the color in with some gel medium to make the color permanent.  Sometimes I take a complementary color and add some touches of that to an area to make it pop.  The other thing I love to do is use colors other than white for highlights -- light aqua is great for this!!

I wish I could paint for hours...I'll settle for smaller increments of time just to be able to keep my feet wet so to speak. 



  1. This is gorgeous... I love, love love your textures!!!


  2. I like this kind of work. Excellent.! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love it - I'm a sucker for paper and glue!
    I would love to see a post about water color pencils and gel medium. I've never used water color pencils in a mixed media, I would think the mediums would melt their colors away.

  4. Megan, this is wonderful. I love the exuberance that your work reflects. I really think you have a wonderful view of the world and the people around you. Here's to many more wonderful paintings in your future--and maybe more art dolls, too!

  5. Anonymous8:09 AM

    Lovely to see your beautiful art and you being arty! Your great Megan!



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