Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer is drawing to a close but some things will never change.  Boys toys crack me up.  After having two girls, the boy thing is a nice change.  We now have Barbies AND superheroes in our home.  Spidey can be found all over the house these days.  This time...he's resting on my art table. 

Also, my sweet hubby helped me keep little people out of my studio long enough to do a painting.  Here's a not-so-great photo of it.  I'm becoming increasingly interested in the way stitching looks mixed with painting.  I've been experimenting and while I love the way real stitching looks, I think I'll keep it simple with drawn stitches.  These faces of mine are changing a bit.  It makes me think of how focused our society is on the way people look....the efforts we put forth to look "good" and the money spent on augmentation, lifts, and tucks.  I don't know what to call this painting...any ideas?

More painting to come!  I'll post as I get them done.  Smiles!


  1. I miss the superheroes lying around my house!!!I now have I pods. Love the new painting enjoy the day:O)

  2. well i never had a boy.... just one girl and it was those "my little ponys" and lady lovely locks. i miss those days so badly! those were the best days......
    i'm glad to see your art! i love your art! i really missed you but i knew you were having a busy summer with the family. and the pictures of you and your family are so beautiful, really, just so lovely.
    welcome back !

  3. Wow love the way you are experimenting with the stitching it looks really cool! I know what you mean about the super hero toys I have too boys and I keep finding all sorts of things like that in the strangest places, the other day I found their Dr Who figurine in my hand bag hehehe.

  4. love your face you created. wonderful job!



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