Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Yellow Garden Spider (Argiope aurantia)

It's not very often that you might see such a creature so close to your master bedroom...this lady decided to make her web just outside one of my master windows.  It's given us a perfect opportunity to observe her closely without fear of being bitten.  My kids have loved looking at her.  Isn't she gorgeous?  Thought I'd share since so many times we, as artists (as humans really!!) can be inspired by nature.  Look at her incredible coloring!!  Maybe I'll paint something thinking of her....hope she can inspire you, too!!


  1. Beautiful!!! We love garden spiders in our house. There have been times we've used the back door because one built a web over the front door and we didn't want to break it. lol

  2. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!! I am sooo scared of spiders I had to scroll down soooo fast, now Im looking all around me:(

  3. LOL... I just read Isabel's comment and discovered I had done the same thing... I had to scroll down so I could see it too! Funny isn't it, even on a computer screen I still don't like spiders! I understand the love of artistic design etc., but I can never make myself look at one long enough to appreciate it i think!

  4. She is absolutely beautiful. How lucky you are to have such a great vantage point to watch her. I can't wait to see how she is included in your art!



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